Thursday, September 3, 2015

Lauf Fork Review

I've read other Lauf fork reviews, comments driven by the radical and often polarizing design. Gushing fans of the fork. It's time to share my thoughts. 

Full Disclosure: I received this fork in my Leadville Trail 100 MTB swag bag. I have not been otherwise compensated. 

The cynic in me was thinking, Lauf took an off-the-shelf fork and plastered their logo on it.*

I decided to peel back a few layers of the proverbial onion.

Initial thoughts, and yes, I know what you're thinking, "Is that stainless steel?". Props to Lauf for sticking with a traditional material and not trying to be all things to everyone. There are plenty of "SUV" forks out there to satisfy those in need of the "latest and greatest".

If you need the versatility of a "do-it-all" fork, by all means, pony up for the Ti camp spork. Be aware, versatility is often accompanied by an ugly cousin..................controversy. 

As to the Lauf design, yes, there may be stronger, lighter, cheaper forks out there, but as Keith once said "Strong. Light. Cheap. Pick Two." You do NOT want to compromise in this area. When you're out for fun, you can get by with something like the economical alternative below. Otherwise, stick with a more durable, proven material.

Ergonomics-  I like the way the handle feels in my hand. The overall weight and balance tells you that someone has done their homework. I did notice the edges have j-u-s-t a little sharp to them, but this a not a deal breaker, and will help when you're using the working end on your Aunt's all-too-tough pot roast. 

I think it's best to address the Lauf "issues" one at a time.

It's Ugly- 
The concept of beauty is often distorted by other factors. Love, passion, investment, etc. When your friend shows up with a Lauf fork, just say it's a good looking fork. Pretend it's your relative's new born baby. Just Lie. This Happens. Often.

Is it Light?- 
I've compared it to other forks I've gathered at yard sales and divorces. The Lauf comes in on the light end of the spectrum.

Is it Durable?- 
Dude, it's stainless steel. They use this stuff at NASA........for coffee cups.

It's Too Expensive- 
Refer back to yard sales and divorces. You get what you pay for. Everything "seems" expensive until you suffer a catastrophic failure and wind up in the ER. 

How does it Perform?- 
I've tackled some really thick veggie burgers with this thing. I noticed some deflection at the initial hit, but nothing that would keep me from using this fork every day.

In Summary
If your looking for an implement to compliment your quiver, yet has a certain distinction and cachet, step up and get yourself a Lauf fork.

"May The Fork Be With You"


*At the time of publication, Lauf has not responded to my questions about the origins of their fork. 
  They even went as far as to imply it was odd that I ask.