Saturday, September 5, 2015

Gravel Worlds 2015 Part 1

Friday, August 21, 2015 dawned a beautiful day. I'm off to Springfield, MO to meet up with my gravel genus, consisting of Collin Little, Jim Phillips, and Jamie Wynne. We had it in our little heads to mosey on up to Lincoln NE and get ourselves some pirate gravel. (Unsure of where the cowboy lingo came from, but it was easier than looking up pirate lingo.)

We're fortunate enough to snag the Kuat van for the trip to Lincoln. When you have 6 hours of windshield time, it's nice to share stories and enjoy some righteous tunes. With the bikes and gear secured we're off.  

Jamie takes the helm of the sprinter, Collin has navigation. The bench seat in the sprinter runs lengthwise in the van, facing the passenger side cargo door, there are no windows. My view wasn't too bad...........

Jim quickly does what he does best.............. Lay down. 

After a couple of hours of alternating between the gray carpet vistas and Jim's hair, I started pondering a disturbing trend I'd been noticing. Jim is always lying down!

Exhibit #1 

Exhibit #2

Exhibit #3 (This could go on f-o-r-e-v-e-r)

Even more disturbing, if you do get a shot of him standing, he always has some means of support!

Exhibit "A" (So as not to confuse you with the lying exhibits) 

Exhibit "B" (Warning: Exhibit B is Disturbing!)

Jim, come clean, you owe us this. But I digress, we have a gravel race to get to. A quick stop for fuel and in no time we're rolling into Lincoln, NE. Home of Pirate Cycling League and Gravel Worlds. We make our way to the Holiday Inn downtown, and briefly visit with the E-Town Dirty Kanza Trio of Tim and Kristi Mohn, and Jim Cummins. It's good to see familiar faces. We found some pizza across the street, and after a great meal, make our way to the room. We have 150 miles of rolling gravel to plunder through in the AM. Good night and good luck.

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