Monday, March 14, 2016

Land Run 100

Photo Credit- James Gann

The Scene: 2016 Land Run 100 finish line.

District Bicycles- Stillwater Oklahoma. 

Bobby wants us to #unlearnpavement. What is that?

"Something that allows each person the opportunity to begin to find out who they really are, and what they are capable of. This is the heart of unlearnpavement."
    ~Bobby Wintle

 "What's he on?", says a bystander.

Bobby's "on" a mission. A mission to make each and every one of the nearly 500 riders and runners feel the love that he has for them as they cross the finish line. He wants us all to see the world as an exciting place to be.

He's "on" for 7 plus hours. He's "on" unbridled enthusiasm, and the world needs a helluva lot more of it. 

Bobby wants you to get a glimpse of how he sees the world. A world ripe with adventure possibilities. He knows the secret. Shared suffering. He knows friendships forged in trying times are strongest. He knows that feeling of satisfaction that overwhelms you when you've completed something that once seemed insurmountable.

Don't show up at Land Run with an easy day in mind. You're at the wrong race. Most of the riders experienced the difficulties of the 2015 race, or at least seen pictures. The fleeting moments of muddy bravado, punctuated by expensive noises. 

Be prepared to hike-a-bike, or risk an early race day retirement. 

When I'm here, I feel at home. I'm among like minded, caring, and loving friends. I truly enjoy seeing these friends take on this challenge, a challenge that may have defeated them in the past, and find redemption in the red clay mud.  

Why gravel?

My answer is simple. Modern roads have been engineered to reduce the time it takes to get from point A to point B. Fair enough, I appreciate that when I'm driving. But when I'm riding gravel I get to enjoy stretches of road that I would never drive. I get to enjoy the true lay of the land. I see, hear, and smell the world at large. I can ask the question, "Where does that road go?" and then find out.

And when I get to take that adventure with friends, that's just icing on a seven layer cycling cake.

I was asked, "Do you know everybody here?".........not yet.

Bobby, Crystal, Team District Bicycles, all the wonderful, welcoming volunteers, Stillwater, thank you for the family reunion. 

Photo Credit- James Gann

Much Love,